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    We provide our customers with the best service we possibly can. We are a locally owned and operated ceiling installation company and we take pride in what we do. Serving both Residential and Commercial Customers. Call us today to get a free quote!

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    Drop Ceiling Installation Philadelphia PA

    To add a fresh new look and purpose to a room, you may be considering drop ceiling installation. This type of interior renovation updates your property and delivers multiple benefits. You can cover up ductwork, wiring, piping, or visible flaws. Drop ceiling installation also grants easy access to the systems if you need repairs. While you can still choose standard white tiles, there are now many more options. Decorative panels have contemporary and colorful designs made from different materials. Acoustical ceiling installation adds brightness and cuts noise in your home or business. Tiles today improve air quality by resisting moisture, bacteria, mildew, and mold. Drop ceiling installation makes your building more energy-efficient, lowering heating and cooling bills. Newer tiles also offer fire resistance, especially tin and other metals. We provide specialized services to all of Greater Philadelphia, PA, and Central, NJ. 

    Our locally owned company provides commercial and residential installation services. Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia has licensed and insured contractors with years of experience. We can build out a new grid system or work with an existing one. You may only need drop ceiling repairs or tile replacement, which we also offer. Our installers can work with any size square footage and layout to update your property. Before your drop ceiling installation, we’ll draw up a plan and go over the project with you. Any essential fixtures like sprinklers, smoke alarms, lighting won’t be obstructed. Our ceiling contractors cut out areas in the tile and even do exquisite custom designs.

    You can choose the most suitable tiles for your drop ceiling installation. Our experts can discuss options with you, including acoustical, tin, decorative, and custom. We provide specialized services to homes and all types of businesses. Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia offers free quotes and competitive prices. Contact us if you’re searching for “drop ceiling installation near me” in Philly, PA, or Central Jersey.

    Ceiling Contractors Philadelphia

    Call our local ceiling company for the best service when it comes to ceilings! We have been in business for over 30 years and continue to provide quality service for all of our clients, both residential and commercial. Ceiling installation requires knowledge and experience to be done correctly - trust your ceiling to the experts! Drop ceilings are a solid solution for many homes and businesses, providing great aesthetics, as well as improving sound quality in a space. With ceiling tiles there is an easier chance to access wiring or do repairs if needed. Our portfolio of projects is expansive, and we have installed ceilings for stores, offices, public spaces, showrooms, restaurants, as well as schools, homes, basements and more. If you need your ceilings replaced for a renovation project, or need acoustical ceilings installed for new construction, we are here for you! Call our ceiling contractors today for a free quote - please provide approximate square footage of your space, and send any available photos of the area so we can better serve you. 

    drop ceiling Philadelphia PA

    Suspended Ceiling Installation Philadelphia

    Suspended ceilings make spaces more visually appealing in residential and commercial properties. The primary purpose is to hide wires, plumbing, or HVAC equipment but still be able to access them. You can easily remove the tiles if you need utility repairs or an inspection. Suspended ceiling installation services can also update a room and cover imperfections. We hang a system with panels, beams, metal grids, and hardware. Our suspended ceiling contractors work with the interior layout of your Philadelphia building. After installing the metal framing, we can create an open, industrial style. You can also choose to have the job finished with ceiling tile installation. Instead of taking on a DIY job, you can hire our local, professional company. Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia has been serving the area and Central NJ for years.

    Trust our suspended ceiling installation contractors to finish your interior renovations. We have expert skills and can install around edges, corners, trim, and molding. Commercial and residential suspended ceilings hide ductwork and improve ventilation. Our fully licensed and insured installers take on projects of any size and scope. If your room has a unique shape, we can still complete a suspended ceiling installation. You get to choose the color and style of tile you want, and we’ll deliver a smooth look. We work with tin, copper, and other metals in authentic and faux forms. Other ceiling tile options include acoustical, wood, fiberboard, plastic, vinyl, and even cork. Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia will transform your space, giving it function and appeal.

    We offer free quotes and competitive prices on suspended ceiling installation services. Our local company serves the Greater Philadelphia Area and Central NJ. Our ceiling contractors will measure out the room’s square footage and go over tile choices. Whether your property is undergoing a remodel or new construction, we can help.

    Drop Ceiling Tile Installation Philadelphia PA

    basement ceiling Philadelphia

    Ceiling tile installation can be tedious and strenuous. Hiring a professional makes it easy on you with no trips to the hardware store or climbing ladders. Your building may already have existing framework, but you want a renovation. We offer ceiling tile installation services across Philadelphia and Central Jersey. Our locally owned company will develop the best solution for your home or business. For any damage, we also offer repairs and drop ceiling tile replacement. Our licensed and insured contractors work neatly and efficiently. You won’t be left with a mess and can trust Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia to finish the job.

    Suspended Ceiling Contractors Philadelphia PA

    Our ceiling tile installation services let you choose the style you want. Here are some common types of tiles you can select.

    • Acoustical ceiling installation minimizes noise by absorbing sound. The tiles deliver a quiet environment in homes and businesses. An acoustical drop ceiling insulates and lowers the cost of energy bills. White ceiling panels make areas and rooms brighter. 
    • Tin ceiling tile installation is popular in residential and commercial properties. You can also choose other metals like copper, aluminum, brass, steel, or chrome. Our ceiling installers work with authentic, faux, or coated metal tiles. You can choose the style that fits your budget. Our contractors offer free estimates to give you an idea of the drop ceiling cost.
    • Decorative tiles come in various patterns and materials. Our contractors can enhance your commercial or residential suspended ceiling. You can choose a style and add a pop of color as part of interior renovations. Coffered ceiling tile installation gives rooms an architectural element. These panels feature indents or recesses and have grown in popularity over the years.
    • Custom drop ceiling installation lets you design a signature style to display proudly. You choose the tiles and pattern you want in your home or business. Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia can create a look combining decorative and tin tiles. We also work with real or faux wood, including beadboard, laths, and cork.

    You can get a free quote for our ceiling tile installation services in Philly or Central Jersey. We’ll come to measure the square footage and discuss your project. Our contractors can install, replace, or repair ceiling tiles in any room.

    Acoustical Ceiling Contractors Philadelphia

    Acoustic ceiling tiles help lower noise and energy bills. If sound is an issue in your residential or commercial property, we can help. Our locally owned company has the best acoustical ceiling contractors in Philadelphia. We offer installation, repair, and replacement services across Philly and Central Jersey. White acoustic tiles are reflective and make spaces brighter. With limited color choices, we can design a specialized ceiling for you. Heating costs decrease because the tiles add insulation to a room. Acoustical panels also resist moisture, bacteria, mildew, and mold.

    Typically, acoustic tiles come in two sizes, 2 x 2’ and 2 x 4’. Our acoustical ceiling contractors cut the panels to fit irregular-shaped areas. We also work around lighting, smoke detectors, and sprinklers. You can choose from different patterns and surfaces like smooth or perforated. Some acoustic ceiling tiles can decrease sound by up to 70%. Offices, schools, and companies often use these systems. Acoustical drop ceiling installation services can improve productivity and concentration. Our acoustical ceiling contractors in Philadelphia will help you choose the best tiles. We offer free quotes and will go over your needs and the square footage. Acoustic tiles provide an affordable option and reasonable drop ceiling cost. Whether you need a complete system installed or tiles replaced, you can count on us for great service.

    Drop Ceiling Contractor Philadelphia

    Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia understands the importance of finding a reliable contractor. Our locally owned and operated company has professionals with years of experience. We provide residential and commercial services to the Philly area and Central NJ. You can trust our drop ceiling contractors for installation, repair, or tile replacement. Taking on a DIY project of remodeling your ceiling is more difficult than you think. Not only does the job take a toll on your body, but one mistake can raise the drop ceiling cost. We pride ourselves on efficient performance and customer satisfaction. Our drop ceiling contractors in Philadelphia, PA, can work with any space. We can finish the job quickly regardless of the room's shape and square footage. DIY suspended ceiling installation will take you longer than our experienced team. Interior refurbishing comes easy to us and saves you time and stress. 

    Replace Ceiling Tile Philadelphia

    Suspended ceiling installation can hide eyesores like wiring, pipes, and ductwork. Our drop ceiling contractors in Philadelphia can also replace old, damaged tiles. Any imperfections or discoloration can be rejuvenated with new panels. We give free quotes and can determine if you need ceiling repair or replacement. Our drop ceiling contractors work with acoustic systems and other types of tiles. We specialize in tin, copper, metal, decorative, and custom designs. Our drop ceiling contractors can also install a metal grid if you want an open, industrial look. However, your home or business may feel drafty in the colder months with only beams. Ceiling tile installation absorbs moisture, improving heating and cooling. Regardless of what you have in mind, you can tell us your ideas. Our drop ceiling contractors will work to bring your vision to fruition.

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    We take our projects seriously, and know that providing our customers with the best possible service will lead to more work and referrals. Please fill out a request for service if you are in need of a quality ceiling installation contractor, or give us a call today! We appreciate your business! 

    Specialized Services for Ceiling Installation in Philadelphia PA

    Our locally owned company provides specialized services for ceiling installation in Philadelphia, PA. We also work on residential and commercial properties in Central NJ. Choose us if you’re remodeling your building’s interior. Our licensed and insured installers can create a custom design for you. Other specialized services include drop ceiling tile replacement and repairs. Choose an acoustic, decorative, or tin ceiling system for your home or business. With years of experience, we guarantee professional results and total satisfaction.

    Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia offers free quotes and competitive prices. Call us or fill out the online form to get a free estimate. Tell us what specialized services you need and if it’s a remodel or new construction. Include pictures of your existing ceiling and the approximate square footage. We’ll get back to you to give you an idea of the drop ceiling cost.

    Some of our Work

    Drop Ceiling Installers Philadelphia PA

    Our drop ceiling installers cover Philadelphia, PA, and Central New Jersey. We can replace old tiles or add new ones to your property’s interior. A drop or suspended ceiling gives a room functionality and visual appeal. You can count on our residential and commercial services for a complete look. Every job is professionally done from start to finish by our drop ceiling installers. Across the Philly area, we can add a complete system or new tiles to your home or business. We offer free quotes letting you choose ceiling tiles based on your budget and needs. Our licensed and insured installers work on any size project you have.

    We also offer drop ceiling repair and tile replacement services across Greater Philadelphia. Our local company specializes in acoustic, metal, decorative, and custom tiles. If you want a basic or exquisite look, our drop ceiling installers can do either. We can add aesthetics and function to a room by hiding pipes, wiring, or ductwork. Our ceiling contractors can work with any layout for areas that aren’t a perfect square. With precision and skill, we can handle bump-outs and edges to install a grid system. Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia then places the tiles and cleans up the area. We’ll walk you through the job when we finish.

    drop ceiling tile replacement Philadelphia

    Residential Drop Ceilings Philadelphia PA

    Residential drop ceilings offer many benefits, including increased property value. We provide specialized services across Greater Philadelphia, PA, and Central NJ. Our contractors do drop ceiling repair, installation, and tile replacement. 

    We typically work in these rooms when servicing residential drop ceilings:

    • Bathrooms and areas directly beneath them have high levels of humidity and moisture. These rooms benefit from drop ceiling installation, and you can choose the tiles you want. Suspended ceilings are strong and durable where the panels won’t sag or warp. Ceiling tiles also absorb moisture and repel mold, mildew, and bacteria.
    • Finished basements with a residential suspended ceiling have better air ventilation. Your Philadelphia or NJ home will have lower energy bills. Ceiling tile installation prevents drafts during the winter. Our drop ceiling contractors cover up eyesores often seen in basements. You’ll still be able to access the necessary wires, pipes, and HVAC systems.
    • Game rooms can get rowdy, and you may want acoustical ceiling installation to limit the noise. Create a great gathering spot in your home with contemporary, soundproof tiles. Our drop ceiling installers can add brightness with white acoustic panels. The gamers in your family will be able to see better when they’re playing. 
    • Home theaters can also get loud with the bass coming from the movie screen. Acoustical ceiling installation can limit the sound reverberating through the house. You can choose darker tiles to deliver the genuine feel of a real theatre.
    • Garages are often workspaces and storage areas that can get musty. Residential suspended ceilings can improve visibility and absorb moisture. White tiles improve vision when working on a vehicle or other project. 
    • Bars in the home can benefit from tin ceiling tile installation. The metal is fire resistant, adds ambiance, and is easy to maintain and clean. You’ll be able to entertain guests and families in an inviting environment.
    • Wine cellars are often in the basement, which can take on moisture. A drop ceiling combats humidity, mold, mildew, and bacteria. You can showcase your wine collection with beautiful new ceiling tiles.
    • Home offices and laundry rooms become more functional after drop ceiling installation. You can choose the tiles that work best for you to enhance the room’s visuals and purpose.

    Hire Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia for your residential remodel. We also renovate Philadelphia homes and buildings needing ceiling repair, installation, or tile replacement.

    Commercial Drop Ceiling Installation Philadelphia PA

    Our local company offers specialized services to all types of businesses in the area. We provide commercial drop ceiling installation services to Philadelphia and Central Jersey. Customers include corporations, non-profits, public properties, and small business owners. Our ceiling contractors also do repair and tile replacement jobs across Philly. Contact us if you’re remodeling your building or having new construction done.

    Here are some businesses that we provide commercial drop ceiling installation services to:

    • Stores including big boxes, retail chains, boutiques, malls, and shopping centers
    • Banquet halls and other buildings that hold events
    • Schools, both public and private, and daycare centers
    • Public restrooms and other facilities
    • Churches and other places of worship
    • Hotels, including rooms and lobbies
    • Commercial properties like apartment and office buildings
    • Corporate offices and company headquarters
    • Restaurants, bars, pubs, and other dining facilities
    • Car dealerships, garages, and automotive front offices
    • Medical facilities, including hospitals, urgent cares, and doctors’ offices
    • Warehouses and other industrial buildings
    • All other types of commercial properties

    Drop Ceiling Experts Philadelphia can service the entire building or select spots. We offer free quotes and the best prices in the Philly area. Contact us if you’re looking for “commercial drop ceiling installation” near me. We’ll work with you on scheduling the best time for service to not disrupt your business.